WEF Regulations & Ethics

WEF Regulations and Ethics

All postsecondary institutions participating in the WEF program are required to be accredited by recognized accrediting agencies. The current directories used to determine acceptable accreditation are Accredited Institutions of Postsecondary Education, published by the American Council on Education (ACE), and The Directory of Accredited Cosmetology Schools, published by the National Accrediting Commission of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences (NACCAS). In addition, all representatives are asked to review the Statement of Principles of Good Practice, published by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Additional regulations established by the WEF organization are requirements for continued participation in WEF programs:


  1. Only promotional pamphlets and informational literature such as brochures and catalogs may be distributed at a WEF. Imprinted pens, gifts, trinkets, and monetary incentives are PROHIBITED! (Includes but not limited to: bags, decals, posters, stickers, book covers, rulers, calendars, combs, key chains.)
  2. The use of mobile vans or distribution of unsolicited materials placed on cars, buses, or people is prohibited.
  3. Only table front banners, institutional name signs, and program oriented tabletop stands (maximum height 30") will be permitted. Audio and video equipment, large table displays, flag stands and floor-standing displays are not permitted. Lap top computers and iPads with their own source of    energy may be used but may be only visual, no audio.
  4. Representatives must remain behind table(s) when conferring with students or guests. Counseling or providing information in the aisles is not permitted. Institutions may be represented by a MAXIMUM OF THREE PERSONS when needed.
  5. Tables will have a representative present during all scheduled hours except for brief periods during which time an "out" card will be displayed. All late arrivals and early departures will be recorded and the Executive Director will be notified as well as the appropriate personnel at the participating institution. Multiple infractions will be grounds for cancellation from the schedule, and no refunds are available for canceled institutions.
  6. Participating institutions and their representatives are responsible for notifying the Executive Director via email if they are unable to attend a contracted fair. If an organization “no-shows” at a site for which they are contracted, they will be subject to one-year probation. Participating organizations with two or more “no shows” without prior communication will be subject to suspension for one contract year. 
  7. Participating organizations arriving late more than twice for contracted fairs will be subject to one-year probation. There are reasonable situations for a representative arriving late (i.e. an accident, car problems, or weather/safety issues) however; lack of planning ahead for issues such as parking, traffic, and directions is unacceptable. 
  8. WEF participants are asked, if they visit a high school within a 50-mile radius of each WEF site, they encourage the school counselor to also take their students to a nearby WEF. 
  9. Demonstrations of program related services and activities are not permitted.

10. Representatives MUST BE REGISTERED through wefs.org in order to participate in WEF event(s).