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Site Coordinators
In order to better serve our site coordinators, we have provided on these pages many of the materials and items you may need for a successful Wisconsin Education Fair. If you feel there are still documents or areas missing,

WEF Logo (.gif) 
WEF Logo (.jpg)
WEF Logo (.doc)
WEF Logo Labels (.doc)
WEF Logo with text (.doc) 

Scanner information:
Directions to access Scanner Dashboard(.pdf) 

Example messages and materials:
Program Cover Example
Program Layout Example
Message to High Schools to Save the Date - to be sent in the spring
Invite to High Schools to attend fair - to be sent end of August for fall fairs
Confirmation to participants representing a table
Table Numbers to be printed on blue cardstock
WEFS Rules & Regulations
Digital Ad 1 for marketing WEF
Digital Ad 2
Digital Ad 3
Print Ad
Directional Sign
Tax Exempt Status
Public Service Announcement (.doc)
Questions to Consider (.doc) 
Sample letter to the editor (.doc)
High School Participation Survey (.doc)
Suggestions for HS Counselors from HS Counselors(.pdf) 

WEF Invoice (.doc) 
WEF Photo and Video Release Form (.doc) 
Tax Exempt Form for purchases 
Final Expense Report for Site Reimbursement- Final Expense Report- WEF2021